Does Money Grow on Your Trees?

Find out with a timber appraisal provided by Heartland Forest Consulting

Do you want to cash in on your timber? Heartland Forest Consulting, LLC performs timber sales and appraisals in central Missouri and surrounding areas. From the initial land management to the final timber sale, we'll help you with the entire process. You can rely on us to:

  • Provide an estimate of the market value of your trees.
  • Identify which trees you may want to sell.
  • Maintain the property and oversee the harvest.

We don't clear cut the entire forest-our process identifies specific trees that will be marked for sale. Once we identify which trees you want to sell, we'll send the information to potential buyers in the area. When you accept a bid from a buyer, we'll set up a timber sale contract.

Partner with Heartland Forest Consulting today, and let's get started on your timber sale in central MO.

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Calculate your timber cost basis

Request an appraisal to calculate your timber cost basis and potentially reduce your income tax liability from timber sales. We'll provide you with a comprehensive appraisal of your timber and assist with the development of your cost basis. Call Heartland Forest Consulting today at (573) 488-0121 to learn more about the timber sale and appraisal processes.