Free Your Ash Trees From the Emerald Ash Borer

Hire Heartland Forest Consulting for EAB treatment in Ashland or Columbia, MO

Beetles, specifically the emerald ash borer, are devastating ash trees in more than 59 Missouri counties, and numbers are only expected to climb. This makes initiating treatment in the early stages of a local outbreak critical to the successful treatment of your ash trees.

Heartland Forest Consulting, LLC offers treatment services the Columbia and Ashland, Missouri areas that are designed to remove the bugs and restore your tree to a healthy state. Our team will work with you get rid of them and prevent future infestations. Call us today to schedule an EAB treatment consultation.

EAB Treatment

Protect your ash trees

The emerald ash borer is fatal to ash trees, which are most common in urban and residential areas. If you have ash trees in an infected county or in the Ashland and Columbia, Missouri areas, Heartland Forest Consulting can help. Our professional team will:

  • Assess the tree's health
  • Inject an insecticide into the base of the tree, which is specially formulated to kill EAB and prevent future infestation

When used correctly, our treatment poses minimal risk to applicators and bystanders, bees and pollinators, pets and wildlife, as well as nearby soil and aquatic environments. It is approved by the EPA and the Organic Materials Review Institute. And, it is proven to be 95% effective when applied correctly and will provide control of EAB for up to two growing seasons.

Please note:

  • The insecticide is a botanical herbicide produced from an extract of neem tree seeds.
  • It is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute and can be used in organic settings.
  • The presence of EAB will lead to ash tree decline and eventual mortality.

Are bugs infesting your yard? Are you worried it might be emerald ash borers? Learn more about how you may be able to protect your ash trees with an EAB treatment. Call (573) 488-0121.