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Heartland Forest Consulting, LLC, recently performed an appraisal of some damage we had done to our property. Chris Lohman was very timely in making an appointment to come to evaluate the property. After he came out to the property to evaluate, he created a report which was very thorough in how he came to the damage value. It was a very detailed report that we could easily read and understand. In addition, Chris was very professional and so was the detailed report created. I would recommend Heartland Forest Consulting to anyone needing any type of appraisal relating to trees.

Cindy Petershagen

I'm an out of state customer, but I'm easily able to get a hold of the owner to ask questions about my local tree issues. He's very accommodating to my questions and helping me figure out the best way to manage the timber on my property.

Daniel Meyers

Chris Lohmann was very helpful through the whole process of our properties logging. He set us up to get the best rate possible for our timber, needless to say we are very happy with the end results. I would recommend Chris to anyone.

Brandon Heizer