Forest Stand Improvement
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Forest Stand Improvement Grows Healthier Trees!

Forest Stand Improvement (FSI) is the process of removing low-quality trees and thinning out crowded woodlands to improve the overall health of your forest. Heartland Forest Consulting has an experienced crew that can identify which trees need to be removed to restore the surrounding woodlands.

FSI is much like weeding a garden.

  • An untended garden doesn’t create exceptional produce, and neither will your forest.

  • Removing low-quality trees and thinning out crowded woodlands offers huge benefits. It increases growing space for the remaining high-quality trees.

If you want to know where your forest stands, contact Heartland Forest Consulting today to learn more about Forest Stand Improvement (FSI). A certified forester can let you know how tree thinning will restore your forest’s health and improve wildlife habitat.

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“I'm an out of state customer, but I'm easily able to get a hold of the owner to ask questions about my local tree issues. He's very accommodating to my questions and helping me figure out the best way to manage the timber on my property.”

– Daniel Meyers

Big Benefits Of FSI

If you’re a landowner, you have the responsibility of maintaining the trees on your property. Whether you want to increase timber production or simply improve wildlife habitat, Forest Stand Improvement (FSI) comes with huge benefits. The process can:

  • Improve wildlife habitat

  • Maintain healthy woods over time—it is an essential step

  • Grow healthier and stronger trees: When trees aren't crowded, they're healthier and able to tolerate extreme weather conditions.

  • Grow trees faster: Thinning out the forest promotes tree growth and produces more seed, which can increase timber production.

  • Improve and restore the ecosystem: In addition to your trees, the surrounding plants and wildlife also benefit from tree thinning.

FSI can greatly help your woodland survive unanticipated natural events like wildfires, straight-line winds, and tornados. It is not a guarantee…but stronger trees are more resilient and have a better chance to withstand natural disasters

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Why Should You Hire A Certified
Forester Or Certified Arborist?

Certified foresters and certified arborists are knowledgeable tree specialists who understand the needs of trees and how to properly care for forests. If you want to improve the health of your property or grow trees faster, one of our foresters can help. We perform tree assessments and create management plans to maintain both rural and urban forests in Missouri.

Let your trees thrive when you work with Heartland Forest Consulting. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you develop and restore your property.